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The importance of hardware can be overlooked when considering all aspects of windows and doors. At Tasman Windows and Doors we understand that hardware can have a dramatic effect on the overall design and functionality of windows and doors. As such, our windows and doors are complemented by an extensive range of stylish and innovative hardware options. Whether you are a renovator, homeowner, builder or designer, our hardware range provides flexibility to help with your design concept.
Hardware Care & Maintenance
General periodic maintenance and care are required on all hardware to ensure that they function correctly and maintain their appearance. The external finish of hardware must be kept clean by removing any harmful residue (especially salt spray) from the surface. Cleaning should be undertaken with a small amount of mild detergent in warm water. A soft brush or cloth free of grit or buttons should be used. Any form of abrasive cleaner or household cleaners should not be used under any circumstances. After cleaning it is essential that the hardware is wiped down with fresh water to remove any detergent residue. Internal mechanisms of locks, catches, etc. should be kept in good working order by applying a light spray of lubricant (WD40, RP7 or similar). Care should be taken during maintenance of internal mechanisms that any finished surface is well protected to avoid damage.
Note: Key-locking versions are shown in these photos. Non key-locking versions are also available in some products.
Tasman Hardware Snip.JPG
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